Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life lately...

Here is a quick picture update about my life so far this summer...

I am here at Marietta for the summer. I really do love this place. This is a view out onto the back yard and patio. One of my favorite things about the house is that it is walking distance to Art 6, Chopsticks, and if I am up for it the Denton library.

In a description of me I feel like there should always be the following sentence. "Amy likes all things pretty." Not the vain, shallow pretty. I like all things aesthetically pleasing. I am a huge color nerd. I love putting them together (like a puzzle.) I love my new light pink coffee table. These flowers were just 5 bucks at Albertson's, and the table was free from the wonderful Katie King.

This is Es-two, short for Esteban two. He is a precious little kitten... for about 5 minutes a day. The other minutes he walks under your feet, knocks his food bag over and completely empty onto the floor, he attacks your feet, and chases ankle socks through the house. He is no longer living with me. He belongs to Miss Ashley and they both moved into their new house.

I really really love to cook. Breakfast is becoming one of my favorite meals. Coffee and a big breakfast with a Bible chapter. MMMM! I love starting my day like this!

I have about 3 weeks before I leave for France! I don't think it has quite hit me yet that I will be in France for 3 weeks. We still know next to little about where we will be, and what we will be doing. So right now I am just excited about serving the Arnolds. And especially seeing Jen, and how she is mom. wife, missionary, and obedient daughter all in a foreign culture. Support is going so well! Almost done. Practically done. The Lord has really shown his power and provision in this frustrating process.

Other than that I am working some. Reading a lot. And learning daily!


Anonymous said...

Amy chappell some things:
1: I love that a picture of Hoth is your picture on the top...we're dorks-me for knowing and your for having it.
2: I love that you love all those things
3: I miss you.
4:I love that we lived in that house together and learned so much together.

Anonymous said...

i miss my home. in my mind it will always be my home and you will always sleep in the front room and i will always feel safe and loved knowing that


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