Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Redeemed with a vengance!

Greetings from the City of Denton Solid Waste Department!
If you didn't get the memo (because you live in some other city besides my fair Denton, or because I have turned into a J.D. Salinger type recluse)... you should know that I am now working at the CoD Landfill... no trash, no dumpsters. I am the receptionist at the operations building. The only dumpsters I really deal with are the cute miniature replicas of the curbside bins. They hold my pens and highlighters.
It's been about a month and I am enjoying it so far. I do really tedious mind-numbing tasks in the lobby area practically by myself all day. BUT, people come in and out and when they do I get to say hello and share witty banter and sarcastic chit-chat. Thus redeeming the mind-numbing aspect... Ahem, almost redeeming I mean.
Yesterday I got off work of a particularly braindead day and was almost useless for a few hours. Today I challenged myself to fix it, and fix it I did!! Today I have been listening to a podcast from the Ohio State art department. I am currently in the 4th session of a course on the history of western art. Remembering/learning a lot from my beloved past in the AH classroom.

maybe tomorrow i will go over some of the great books that I have been reading... maybe i will

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