Friday, January 2, 2009

It's just a different number.

2009.... That is the first time that I have written/typed that this year. It's strange to think about. When I hear or read about something that happened in 1999, a movie release, or world event it doesn't seem that long ago. But it was 10 years! But then again, I was just a kid. I still am.

I don't feel time passing. My list of knowledge and memorable events is longer. I am becoming more of who I am. But it doesn't feel like time is passing by. I feel more rooted in truth, love, and personal identity than I do in the time or year.

I have never really made resolutions. I don't usually keep them even if I do decide to proclaim that this year "I will diet... read x amount of books... make a quilt... grow butterfly wings." For me, resolutions are pointless and nonsensical.

But I can say that in the course of 1 year I could see myself changing in a certain way, making various lifestyle changes, learning and growing in a new area. I can usually make predictions about myself in the year to come. They don't always come to fruition. Or, they may fizzle out by mid-march. They might, however, become fully realized in my daily life.

So what do I predict for myself during this 2009 calendar year?
  • I might be a little greener. In two senses. I really want to start gardening. Flowers? Maybe. But mostly veggies and herbs. Maybe it's my latent maternal instinct but I really want to see something grow from seed into nurtured fruit. And then I would like to be able to make a tossed salad or sauce and say "I watched that tomato every day get bigger and fuller and more of a beautiful tomato!" (this is of course where the maternal instinct comment ends. Because there won't be a day where I say "hmmm... my child is plump and healthy! let's make a salad!!") I also find myself leaning more and more on the side of green living. Making choices and actions that help the environment that I am in, not polluting my body as much as I am, and staying conscious about how "green" choices can effect me in a good way financially.
  • I see myself experiencing love in ways that I never could have imagined. With people and with God.
  • Making bigger steps in living in the "real world". Becoming financially independent. Being more comfortable with the daily schedule of 8-5 life. Being up to date with the current affairs of the world. And all the while staying free of the hum-drum, day to day, boring existence.

And maybe, just maybe, I will post on this thing a little more frequently. Happy 2009!

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